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A loving descended master from the spiritual world. Souvil is the spiritual guide of Rhoda Choi and channels through Rhoda since 2011 on delivering messages from the spiritual realm.

Rhoda's Connection with Souvil

Rhoda Choi

Rhoda Choi

Rhoda was not a born psychic or channeller. Her first connection with Souvil was in 2010 when she underwent her own Life-Between-Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy session. It was in the session, where Rhoda reconnected with her spirit guide Souvil. Rhoda was later advised by Souvil to practise meditation, where after a year of meditation, suddenly one day, Rhoda started to channel a voice she was familiar with, and it was the voice of Souvil.

Since then, Souvil has been channelling through Rhoda on delivering messages and lessons of the spiritual world.

Souvil's spiritual Meditation class

Delivered by Spirit Guide Souvil, In Class Channelling through Rhoda
Facilitated by Dr Elizabeth Tang

If you feel busy in life or work, stress or pressure, and want to restore your own peace of mind,

If you feel the physically weak, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and other symptoms,

If you want to understand your inner self and to enhance your potentials and direction in life,

If you want to carry out your spiritual journey, or would like to connect with your spiritual masters...

These are all reasons why you want to participate in this spiritual meditation class!


Class Featuers:

  • The only meditation class teach from spirit guide Souvil
  • Live channelling of Souvil's messages through Spiritual Regressionist Rhoda
  • Teaching you the simplest, safest, most direct, and effective techniques to focus on breathing
  • Channelled sounds from Souvil will easily guide students into a meditative state
  • Deep meditative states can awaken your chakras and subconscious, leading to vitality, cleansing negative emotions
  • In each class, you will feel revitalized, promoting blood circulation, bringing radiant
  • In each class,your mind, body and soul will be attuned, cleansing your energy fields and auras
  • Meditation needs not be in a sitting position, is without any religion dogma, and suitable to everyone

Souvil's Spiritual Lessons

Delivered by Spirit Guide Souvil, In Class Channelling through Rhoda
Facilitated by Dr Elizabeth Tang

Unveil the Secrets of the World and the Universe!

How was the Universe formed? Through the formation of Big Bang or was it God's creation? Is there God? Are there ghosts? Myths on ghosts and legends, are they true? What are spirits? Are there angels and guardians? Are there souls? What is soul mate?

Were humans evolved or created? Were Adam and Eve the first mankind? What is the meaning of life? Why are you in this world?
Were you forced to come into the world? Is Life predetermined? Can you change destiny?

How to overcome the fear of death? Is there hell? Is there heaven? What is the spiritual world like?

What is karma? What goes around, comes around, is that true? Is there reincarnation?

What is religion? What is truth? What are the differences between Chinese and Western religious cultures? Clergies are workers of light or the messengers of God? Do they have psychic abilities? What is psychic? Psychics can predict the future? Are the predictions accurate?

In addition to humans, are there aliens in the Universe? What are aliens? Can humans and aliens live together? Will there a lot of changes in the future world? Will it result in a lot of deaths? How should you prepare as a human being?

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